About Us

About Us

For numerous years, Postal Jobs Listing has been captivated by the opportunities presented by the United States Postal Service due to its minimal job prerequisites and its promising earning potential as well as opportunities for advancement. Where else can you secure a compensation package of $70,000 without the requirement of a college degree, prior experience, or even a high school diploma?

During our research into the postal hiring process in the early 2000s, we discovered that a crucial aspect of the application procedure involved taking the Postal Battery Exam 473, a general aptitude test. While it may sound straightforward, this test had a notably high failure rate, nearly 80%. Despite the exam not being overly challenging, we sensed that there had to be another underlying reason for such a high failure rate.

After conducting extensive research and testing, it became evident that individuals who prepared in advance performed significantly better in each phase of the process, particularly in the exam stage. Those who didn’t prepare beforehand spent considerable time repeatedly reading instructions to ensure comprehension and acquainting themselves with the expectations of each of the exam’s four sections. In contrast, those who had prepared in advance were already familiar with the format and had practiced extensively with simulated exams, resulting in a heightened level of comfort and confidence.

At that juncture, we recognized the necessity of devising an assistance program that would empower applicants to position themselves for success and avoid being among the 20% who didn’t pass the exam.

That’s precisely what we accomplished. We developed an online program that, upon registration, grants candidates immediate access to valuable resources. The program aids individuals through each stage of the postal hiring process, allowing them to work at their own pace. One of its standout features is live customer support for addressing any queries. This feature is particularly valuable as the Postal Service does not offer support or address questions during the application and hiring process, leaving individuals stuck and without assistance if issues arise.

In April 2019, the Postal Service enlisted a third-party company to update their employment exam. They replaced the Postal Battery Exam 473, applicable to all entry-level positions, with four Virtual Entry Assessments categorized according to various job roles. These assessments aim to identify the “ideal candidate.”

During this transition, we did what we excel at: thorough research and testing. We revamped and fine-tuned our program to continue supporting our customers in navigating the new postal hiring process. Our success rate continued to rise as we provided assistance to candidates.

We are committed to staying abreast of all new policies and procedures concerning the postal hiring process, ensuring that we offer the most precise and up-to-date content to our customers, just as we have done for over 20 years. It is our privilege to aid postal candidates in taking the next step towards their new careers!