Refund Policy

The deposit for the resources and live assistance provided at this site by Postal Jobs Listing is refundable and guaranteed.

Postal Jobs Listing helps candidates perform better in each of the four steps so they are more likely to get hired by the USPS.

You are guaranteed a refund in full if

1. You fail all four virtual assessments given for entry-level positions or

2. You are not offered a job within 30 days after the interview process.

Refunds are provided within 2 days of proof of eligibility for the refund.

For those who do not pass the exam, a copy of the failing score must be provided.

For those who are not offered a job after the interview process, a copy of the invitation to the interview must be provided along with a signature from the official conducting the interview.

Our program of guidance, coaching and live assistance is designed to help candidates get hired and start their postal careers in the shortest amount of time.

For more details on our program, refer to the Terms and Conditions at this site.