Payment Policies

Payment Policies

This program is optional. There is no cost or fee associated with applying for a postal job or taking the required virtual assessment. The decision to prepare in advance is yours.

Please be aware that if you do not pass a Virtual Assessment, you must wait for one year before you can retake it During this one-year period, you are not eligible to apply for any other job openings in the same job category. This applies even if you do not complete the assessment within the designated time frame and consequently receive a failing grade.

Furthermore, if you pass an assessment but are dissatisfied with your score, you cannot retake it to improve your score for a period of two years.

For a one-time registration fee of $89, you will gain immediate access to online resources that will assist you at each stage of the postal hiring process. These resources include:

  • Detailed instructions on how to search for jobs, ensuring no job openings are missed in your search efforts.
  • Tips on completing your online application to ensure accuracy and appeal.
  • Job Analysis for each entry-level position, outlining desired traits and attributes.
  • Comprehensive Simulated Practice Assessments, allowing you to familiarize yourself with different sections of each assessment, including sample questions and answers with detailed explanations to help you position yourself as the “ideal candidate.”
  • An Interview Webinar guiding you on how to excel in interviews, along with talking points to impress.
  • Live Customer Support via Email and Chat for any questions or support you may require (provided by us, not USPS).

There will be no additional charges for program registration, and you will have unlimited access to all resources. If you do not pass all four virtual assessments administered online or if you do not receive a job offer within 30 days of your interview, you will be eligible for a FULL REFUND of your registration fee.